Green buildings for all

Live the way you would like to, eco-friendly and affordable

Innovative homes, which generate more energy than they use

Customisable now and in the future

Several models within your budget

Fast to build, green, and cost-efficient
Using the latest technology to benefit you and the environment

Turnkey delivered
within 9 months

Green buildings for all

Live the way you would like to, eco-friendly and affordable

GB4All develops innovative homes, which produce more energy than they consume. You can customise the homes during and after the building process. GB4All homes are fast to build, green and eco-friendly. Better still, they are affordable. Using a sophisticated design and smart technological decisions, GB4All homes are built for you and the environment.

The house of your dreams has never before been so sustainable and affordable. We are ready for you to starting building your dream home, within nine months from start to finish.

  • Eco-friendly

    GB4All homes are engineered for you and the environment: they produce their own energy and can be fully converted into reusable materials. They also contain particle filters.

  • Customisable

    Design, size, interior and finish can be fully customised, even after the production. Would you like an extra room, second floor or perhaps get rid of one? Our modular approach is designed to support your life changes: adjust your home within a single day without construction damage.

  • Affordable

    GB4All homes are affordable. Using the latest materials, intelligent design and smart & fast production processes, we make GB4All homes accessible for all. Everyone appreciates a great and environmentally friendly home.

  • Turnkey delivered in 9 months

    GB4All homes provide a turnkey solution for your new home: You get the keys to your home within 9 months. Our smart production process using pre-fab materials, allows us to build most of your home in-house, before delivery. That saves you time, double housing costs and interest during construction.

  • Carefree living

    GB4All is a one-stop-shop: ranging from architecture to licensing. We make sure you get the best care and we are always available for advice. Together we build your new dream house. One that can be changed according to the changes in your life. Future proof and nearly maintenance free. That’s what we call carefree living.