Green buildings for all


Environmental friendly

Produces more energy than it consumes


Sophisticated design can be adjusted before and after delivery


Save money during production, living and financing

About GB4All

Housing challenge: If we can fly people to the moon, we should be able to provide all humans a good, environmentally friendly, comfortable and affordable house. That’s the challenge

Environmentally sustainability challenge: Given all the reports on environmental changes, what are we doing to bring sustainability into construction? That’s the challenge.

Our mission

GB4All addresses the housing challenge and the environmentally sustainability challenge with an innovative solution: Green buildings for all. We believe that it is possible to develop homes for everyone. By choice or by need. Using environmental friendly building materials, serving people and planet. Taking an individual’s personal wishes, comfort and lifestyle into account. We believe it can be different. It must be different.

A different approach

Environmental friendly, personal, flexible, affordable en fast!

GB4All demonstrates that housing can be different. A fundamentally different and better approach because we need to save the planet. Environmental friendly, personal, flexible, affordable and fast. GB4All’s innovative homes provide all of that and more. With a focus on comfort and the luxury to live and grow. As you grow and develop, your home grows and develops.

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Customisable

  • Affordable

  • Fast

  • Care-free

Social responsibility

We are a business with a strong social responsibility

GB4All is a registered B Corp. That means that we choose to meet standards. We meet social sustainability and environmental performance standards. We meet accountability standards. We are transparent, according to the score the public gave us. Of course we need to make a living. Our main focus is not about making big money. Our focus is on adding value to people’s lives and to make real impact on sustainability.