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GB4All Verto

Base price: € 65.000*

Floor area

Starting at 46 m2*

GB4All Rizon

Base price: € 62.000*

Floor area

starting at 36 m2*

GB4All Canna

Base price: € 120.000*

Floor area

Starting at 83 m2*

GB4All Oblic

Base price: € 140.000*

Floor area

Starting at 93 m2*

GB4All Homes

GB4All homes are high quality, individually design for your comfort. Every model is designed with a variety of layouts to fit your needs. You can change your home to meet your needs, even after delivery. Among other things, GB4All homes can be customised with following options:
*Exterior, like wood, stone or decoration

*Customised kitchen

*Flooring and walls

*Underfloor heating

*Additional solar panels

*Active blinds

  • Excellent Insulation

    Thanks to double glazing, amongst other things, the home saves more energy than the law demands. Triple glazing is also an option.

  • Energy producing

    There is space for solar panels on the roof, and in the canopy. This creates your own energy and pre-heats your water.

  • Comfortable heating

    The home is kept comfortable using air and wall heating. No ugly radiators intruding in your space.

  • Customisable

    There is a standard finish to the tiling and kitchen. A finish to order is also possible. Including materials and decorating. Personalised tiling and a tailor-made kitchen are also possible.

Several models

Countless variations

Model: Verto

  • Floor area starting at 46 m2

  • Base price € 65.000*

Model: Rizon

  • Floor area starting at 36 m2

  • Base price € 62.000*

Model: Canna

  • Floor area starting at 83 m2

  • Base price € 120.000*

Model: Oblic

  • Floor area 93 m2

  • Base price € 140.000*

* All prices are a guide and the images are artist impressions. What you actually get may be a bit different. Please contact us to get a board idea of what you could expect to get